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At buyads, our main goal is to provide cutting-edge helpful information on Tech, How-tos tutorials, blogging tips, that are easy to understand for techies, bloggers, and non-techy individuals.

If you’ve ever wondered:

” Where can i find regular updates on Tech, How to, blogging tips, and latest make money online opportunities?

buyads is where you get those useful information and leverage on it.


buyads was founded by King Faith, a freelance writer and wordpress coach.

Since founding buyads in 2019, Faith had continued to publish cutting-edge helpful information on Tech, How-tos, make blogging tips, make money online and affiliate marketing opportunities for techies, bloggers, and non-techy individuals.

Buyads is your-go-to-blog for updated and concise content.

Below are the services I offer:

  • SEO writing: Yes, I do SEO too. I have been in the SEO world long enough to give you articles that rank of front page without stress.
  • Blog Development: I also develop wordpress (with premium theme and domain)and blogger blogs for clients. I have worked on many blogs in my time and they are all doing good.
  • Chatbots building: Chatbots have become better than email marketing by a huge margin. This can boost your business and blogs to a whole new level. LOL, I also do know how to build chatbots for businesses and blog owners. Once you have a facebook page, i can help you get a chatbot at a very cool offer. (n5000)
  • Feed APP: Yeah, you know those apps that keep updating whenever a new post is posted on a website or blog? I can do that for you also.


How can you contact me?

I am very easy to reach. I am literally almost on all social media platforms available.

  1. Whatsapp: +2348141872786 (DO NOT CALL, only TEXT MESSAGES ALLOWED)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!