How do you define a job description?

What is the job description? A job description is a brief document or words that summaries the essential roles & responsibilities, activities, qualifications, and skills for a position. It also contains the company details and also helps you to attract the best kind of candidates for the job in question.

How do you define a job description?

What Is A Job Description And Why Is It Important?

Job title

A good job description should contain the specific and precise job opening (title or role )that they are offering, they should be able to make it clear to the intending candidates so that they will know if they fit in for the position.

Job summary

This is where you include everything that has to do with Job both the roles and expectations of the job to candidates. Inclusion of overview of the company’s and Job expectations should be in the summary even the job location too.

Responsibilities and duties

Here you should be able to list out all the core Responibilites and duties of job to the candidates that will be applying for such position including the daily activities of such position, the method of work that the person has to adapted and how he or she should be carrying out and reporting to the position on a regular bases.

Qualifications and skills

Here you are able to make clear and enlist the type of qualifications and skills that you will be needing for the intending candidates for the job position in question.

Qualities of a  good job description

  • It should be compelling and attractive enough to the people that it is meant for
  • It should be able to market your company or organization
  • It should be able to make your company stand out among the others and many other more.

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