How To Accept and Decline Job Offers

Rejecting or declining a job offer isn’t always a bad thing depending on your reasons for doing so. There are many reasons why people sometimes reject their job offers, it could be because of job responsibilities, the amount of salaries, job requirements and many others. And again, so many people don’t know how to politely and properly reject a job offer without being harsh or rude. Well, this is how you can do that:

How To Accept and Decline Job Offers

How To Accept and Decline Job Offers

  • Don’t procrastinate

When given a job but find out that because of one or two that you have to reject the offer kindly and immediately write or report back to the organization that you will be rejecting the job offer for so so reasons and please don’t procrastinate it in order not to make the employer waiting for you unnecessarily.

  • Keep it simple and to the point

Whatever reasons that you have in mind that made you reject the offer should be kept simple and straight to point, don’t go there by telling the employer long and unnecessary stories on why you rejected the job offer. Always remember to make it simple and short.

  • Say “thank you “

Be polite why rejecting job offers.  First of all, say thank you to them for offering such a position in the first even though you have to reject due to some certain reasons.

  • Provide a reason but don’t get specific

It is very important and necessary that you must have to provide a meaningful reason on why you are rejecting such job offers you can’t just flu from the moon to reject a job offer without a single understandable reason.

  • Consider offering to stay in touch

While rejecting a job offer, you might consider offering to stay in touch probably with the hiring manager by providing extra contact information in case they might have better job offers for you in the nearest future.

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