Japanese Consumer Electronics

Japanese Consumer Electronics. I can definitely feel that the Koreans are taking over every area in the consumer electronics section too. They has an are amazing products and continue to be…they’re indeed very competitive and continue to be as well. If everything is indeed in cycles—I am certain this era is not a cycle that belongs to the Japanese….or it is the bottom of their cycle—at least in the consumer electronics section.

Japanese Consumer Electronics

What has happened to the Japanese consumer electronics industry?

Three factors caused this:

  • Foolish responses to the Japanese asset price bubble (the same ones the US did verbatim to the 2008 crash: Too Big To Fail bailouts and Quantitative Easing) which changed the vibrant Japanese economy into a zombie economy
  • Japanese population demographics where the average age is now over 55 yo without a fresh young cohort of comparable size. Economic growth is directly proportional to population growth (or decline). Strictly the US would be following this path if it weren’t for immigration.
  • Competition from other Asian nations (Korean, Taiwan, China) where the above weakening forces cause them to take their “eye off the ball” and enabled competitors to undercut them

The greatest contributions Japan has made to the world

  • Japanese cuisine: sushi, tonkatsu, tempura, soba, udon, ramen, miso, etc.
  • Sake (rice wine)
  • Robots – six of the world’s top 10 industrial robotics makers at Japanese.
  • Consumer electronics – giants like Sony and Panasonic invented and popularized many electronics products including color TVs, Walkman, boombox, VCR, hand-held camcorder.
  • Quartz watches were invented by Seiko in Japan.
  • The DVD was invented in Japan.
  • Martial arts: Japanese invented Aikido, jujitsu, karate and ninjutsu.
  • Video games – Sony, Atari and Nintendo.
  • QR codes were invented by Denso in Japan.
  • Japan is probably the world’s leading producer of motorcycles, snowmobiles and outboard boat motors (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki)
  • Optics – Canon, Nikon
  • 3D printing was invented in Japan in 1981.
  • Toshiba invented Flash memory.
  • Japanese bullet trains
  • Japan is a leading exporter of cars, computers, printers, cameras, steel, rubber, plastics, and ships.

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