What are the jobs related to logistics?

What are the jobs related to logistics? Logistics is not a job, it is a sector. Logistics is, simply put, getting the right stuff in the right place at the right time at the best possible cost.

What are the jobs related to logistics?

What are the jobs related to logistics?

OK – there will be people who will say that there there is a lot more to it than that (warehousing, supply chain, procurement, links with marketing and production, IT apps, etc) but that is what the whole sector is trying to achieve.

Logistics people are employed by manufacturers to organize the flow of raw materials and finished goods (inbound and outbound logistics) and also the challenge of returned goods which are a disease created by e-commerce (reverse logistics). Hope that gives some idea of the businesses.

Logistics happens in three spaces Air, Land, and Sea.

  • Within the air transport carriers its parcels by crates (Airway bills)
  • Within the land transport carriers, it’s the trucks and lorries that carry the shipping containers (Interstate or country depending on where you are)
  • Within the sea transport carriers its the shipping containers (20ft or 40ft) whether its rented, none rented and shipping lines (Seaway bills)
  • The contracts within shipping are negotiated by container volume size and pallets it can carry and when the shipments are needed.
  • The ports where it happens and corresponding administration
  • The veteran companies usually don’t change their carriers because its a very costly affair since the trade routes and efficiency of delivery used to be exclusive till the internet age.

I am excluding the logistics of internet air space in my answer since that is a specialized field in its own arena and security related to the satellite link.


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